1. What types of bet do you advise?

SoccerStake advises bets on Asian Handicap Odds only. Other types of odds maybe used occasionally
if required, but very seldom.

2. How and when are bets advised to subscribers?

All subscribers are held on a database and are contacted by international SMS text message in advance of the recommended games. Bets will be advised as far in advance of the day's kick-off as possible. However, expect to receive advice up to one hour before the match kicks off in order to collect as much information as possible prior to making a final selection. However, since all bets can be placed online this relatively short notice period should not cause a problem.

3. Do you recommend a staking plan?

SoccerStake stakes a percentage of the overall bank (starting amount plus profits made) on each bet, usually 5% but different amounts can be advised depending on the strength of the bet. This method means a higher amount is placed during a winning run, thus maximising profits, but it also protects the bank by staking less when losing bets are endured.

4. What if I lose?

As with all speculative transactions, i.e. gambling there is always the possibility of losing. By joining us, you agree that all betting advice is for information purposes only and SoccerStake will not be held responsible for any losses incurred by you as a direct result of acting upon any received information. Subscribers are encouraged and reminded to only bet what they can effectively afford to lose.

5. How many tips can I expect to receive weekly?

SoccerStake pledged to release no more than 3 tips per week, in order to maximise the confidence level of our tipsters, to pool the bets into 3 most reliable tips.

6. How does my weekly membership works?

You will receive all tips released within the duration of 7 calendar days, starting from the 1st tips received, ie. if you joined on Tuesday, but your 1st tips is on Wednesday, then your weekly membership will start from Wednesday.

7. Can I pay using bank transfers or Western Union?

We afraid that we only accept credit cards, debit card or PayPal payments currently. However, we may explore other payment options available regularly, in order to enable SoccerStake to serve a wider variety of members all over the world.

8. I have 1 more day of membership, why I did not get today's tips?

All members are required to have an active membership at any point of time, ie. if you cancel your SoccerStake membership with PayPal, you will not receive any tips for the remaining period of your membership, even if there are days in the balance.

9. More questions/enquiries?

Contact our customer service officers